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We all know how important the AC is in the UAE heat. Once it stops working, it’s only a matter of time before things become unbearable.


You can rely on our team of experienced technicians to restore cooling in your home or office. Available at short notice for any AC problem you may face. We work on all brands of AC devices and systems.


We make sure that we are available when you need us most and that we are on your doorstep in good time.


We take care of various repairs including:

  • Circuit board replacement
  • Refrigerant Leak Repairs
  • Capacitor Replacements
  • Condensation Pump Replacements
  • Evaporator Coil Replacements
  • Repair, installation and / or replacement of AC compressors


We ensure that all spare parts we use are 100% genuine with guarantee.


Signs that your air conditioning needs repairing:


Irregular noises

  • If there is an irregular noise, this usually means that there is a worn-out fan motor or compressor. This happens when the air conditioning system lacks lubrication and regular maintenance. In addition, dirt and debris form that can be removed during regular maintenance work.


Bang noises or metallic impact blows:


  • If your air conditioner makes these noises, it could get damaged or out of balance, the fan blades could be bent or detached. This can damage other parts of your air conditioner and cause further costs, so it is important to address these issues immediately.


Refrigerant Leaks


  • Refrigerant leakages can cause ice to form in the coils of your device due to the low PSI pressure, which later leads to compressor damage. These leaks can be difficult to find, but at The Clean Air Co. we use modern technology to make a thorough diagnosis to fix the problem at the outset.


AC Not Removing Humidity


  • If your room is still damp with the air conditioning on, this means that your air conditioning system is not working efficiently and needs immediate maintenance.


AC Short Cycling


  • Your air conditioner switches on and off automatically to maintain the set temperature throughout the house and in the store. However, if this happens more frequently than usual, the device may not work properly and may need to be serviced by our qualified technicians. Short cycling causes excessive stress on your device and can cause it to fail completely if not repaired.


Water leaks in and around your device cause property damage.


  • Excessive water from the air conditioning system is a sign of problems. There are many electrical components of the air conditioning system that need to be protected against water damage. If water is collected outside your air conditioner, it could be because your drain pipe is secured or your air conditioner produces excessive condensation and freezing.


Our maintenance solutions are designed to extend the life of your air conditioning system. Preventive maintenance of your air conditioning system has many advantages. We understand how important it is for your air conditioning to work all year round.


The annual maintenance of your air conditioner extends the life of your unit and ensures it works when you need it most. Preventive maintenance is demonstrably much more cost-effective and avoids the expense of costly repairs and spare parts.


AC Maintenance Service includes

  1. Cleaning or replacing standard air filters
  2. Check if the thermostat is working properly
  3. Check fan motors and condensers for correct operation
  4. Inspection of primary and secondary drains.
  5. Check Cooling of the Coil
  6. Cleaning condensate drain
  7. Inspection of Condenser Coil
  8. Ductwork Inspection
  9. Lubricating and testing moving parts
  10. Check and tighten all electrical connections
  11. Monitor AC operating pressure for proper refrigerant charging