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The Clean Air Co. offers new AC packages for every home and budget in the U.A.E.


Our AC experts treat each home and homeowner with custom care. Based on insulation, windows, square footage and more, we will match your home with the best air conditioning equipment.


We know that air conditioners are not one-size-fits-all. In the past, many contractors would install air conditioners that were oversized thinking that it would cool a home down faster. From an engineering standpoint, this is truly a bad idea. Our AC install team take the time to inspect your home and present you with the correctly-sized AC unit.


Our highly-trained technicians will complete your AC installation in both an efficient and timely manner. We pay attention to the small details so you can rest assured knowing you are receiving quality service.


We work with a multiude of suppliers and work on all brands of AC devices and systems. Our team of experts will work with you to find the perfect AC solution to suit your needs and budget.