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  • The Clean Air Co. is a family owned AC cleaning, maintenance, and repair company located in Dubai. We have over 30 years of combined experience with foundation built on honesty, integrity and loyalty.


  • We are a subsidiary of Gover Contracting and Spark Technical Services who are responsible for over 500 satisfied customers over 15 years in  General Contracting, MEP services and end to end HVAC installation in the UAE.


  • We started Clean Air Co. as we saw many customers were taken advantage of with low coupon prices (which was never the price the customer ended up paying when the job is done), sanitizer that was no more the detail water  & vacuums that were not were meant for professional cleaning.


  • We only use advanced cleaning techniques, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and the most high-tech supplies and tools available on the market today.


  • Our company is kept small so we can overlook every job and be in connection with every customer. Our trained technicians symbolize our full commitment to providing you with the most professional services available.


  • Additionally, we also provide state of art air sanitization and purification services so that you can breathe the air in your home or workspace confidently.

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